Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Firefox problem.

I'm a big fan of the awesome browser, and tabbed browsing in general (I'm a late convert), but it's doing something recently which is a little bit annoying.

I have a bunch of blogs loaded up into one subfolder on my Bookmarks menu, and I usually hit up the "load 'em all in tabs" thing, and they all come up in their own separate tab within my Firefox window. However, lately, a lot of blogs on Blogspot don't load right, or give me a blank page that only (puzzlingly, esoterially) says "ok". Others load up fine, and others give me weird errors (and one even today loaded up instead of a blog).

Is this because Firefox is trying to load stuff from, like, a dozen different websites all at once? It's not a problem that used to happen often, but it's happening more and more these days. Perhaps one of these "updates" that Firefox automatically downloads for itself is buggering itself up in this way, I don't know.

I am also too lazy to look this up for myself, as you can see.

Aside: I now have seating for six in my living room! Feel free to drop by with four of your friends. We can all sit down and have coffee, and nobody will be relegated to the floor. Hurrah!


Muffin said...

The biggest problem I usually have with Firefox is that when it does have errors opening up a whole buncha tabs (this happens a lot when I try to load 15 Flickr pools or Google links at the same time), it doesn't display the URL of the page I was trying to open. Sometimes I forget which page it was, so that's a whole page's worth of pornography that I'll never see again.

'nee said...

Goddamned Firefox has been doing odd things lately. I notice that they slipped out another patch a day after the latest update, so perhaps they've done with the folks at MS have done and released too soon...

Brooke said...

I think it has something to do with the new version they just put out. I always get one that just won't load...I went into preferences and put 5mb for the cache space, and it seems to help; maybe it just had too much in it's memory to sort out?

I still like it better than Safari!