Monday, May 01, 2006

The Big Smoke.

Well, here I am, back in Toronto.

Moving hurts. I hurt. Still. And it's been three days since we hauled the heavy stuff up from the truck (big, big thanks go to Jon in Kingston, and Dave & Geoff in Toronto; I totally owe you one (1) moving-assist). I wonder if there's a little boost in Tylenol sales at the end of April every year.

All in all, the new pad's pretty sweet. My neighbour across the hall is another young teacher (he's at an elementary school in Scarborough), and he seems like an alright guy. My downstairs neighbour is... interesting. We had a nice little chat the day after I moved in; apparently I walk really heavily, and the sound amplifies itself through my hardwood floor. She's cool, though.

There's an echo in here... echo in here... echo in here... that could be solved with the purchase of additional furniture. However, the purchase of furniture requires the possession of money (all "Leon's No Money Miracle" events aside). And money is a problem, at least until my tax return comes in.

In conclusion, TO is better-off for having me in it. They oughtta put my mug on the travel brochures... "Toronto: we got this guy!"

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