Thursday, April 06, 2006

Retaking the Big Smoke.

I make my triumphant return to The Greatest, Like, City In The, Like, Universe at the end of April. And, I dare say I'm looking forward to it.

It's not that Kingston hasn't been a lot of fun — my liver can surely attest to that — but I just get the feeling that things are, well, stagnating a bit. I'm still meeting great new people and having a blast, to be sure. But I get the sense that, as far as new and exciting discoveries are concerned, K-Town and I are pretty much at a standstill.

That's not always a bad thing, though. It's nice to be comfortable in a location, knowing where things are, how to get around, and being able to attach meaning, through many shared experiences, to various places.

This city "fits" me, I've been able to determine, and fits me quite well. I didn't grow up in a big city, and hence don't need the constant neon stimulation that those people seem to require allthetime allthetime ohmygod allthetime. All I ask for are a clutch of cozy pubs, a good live music scene, and interesting and exciting people; Kingston (by virtue of its historical nature, location between Toronto and Montreal, and strong student population respectively) succeeds nicely in all those categories.

Someone asked me yesterday if I'm looking forward to going back to Toronto, and I hesitated a bit before saying, "Sure." Having lived in a bunch of different places — a tiny town near Sarnia, various places in Waterloo and Toronto, and stints in Deep River, Calgary, and London, Ontario — I've found that I can pretty much live anywhere. Every place has pros and cons, and I'm generally pretty easy to please.

What matters more than any kind of amenities or attractions, though, are the people you hang out with wherever you live. Part of the reason I've been easily-pleased, as far as living locations go, is the fact that I've managed to seek out (and find) great people everywhere I've lived. I'm bringing a few Queen's-folk down to TO with me, and I think they'll fit in quite nicely with the people I already know in Toronto.

Who knows? Maybe my liver won't be able to rest easy for quite a while yet.

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