Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A message to all the college radio station DJs.



Being a college radio station DJ myself (for the next few days or so), believe me when I tell you that, when people don't listen to their campus radio station (and they often don't), Jeff Buckley is one of the prime reasons why. The people who like him are music snobs who usually get their own college radio station shows so they can play Jeff Buckley for other college radio station DJ music snobs. If you think college radio stations are only for other college radio station DJ music snobs, then you're too much of a music snob to be a college radio station DJ.

But I don't. So I'm not.

In conclusion, stop playing Jeff Buckley. Do it in the privacy of your own home. But don't subject the rest of us to his pre-emo wailings. C'mon, there had to have been a reason for him to die young.


Anonymous said...

Harsh. You tell it like it is, babycakes.


Muffin said...

The irony of this post is that the number of times you've said the words "Jeff Buckley" will likely mean that when people search for his name, they'll find your blog.

JTL said...

Number 2 on the Blogger search just now, Eve. I rule.

Caz said...

Err...it was mostly an excess of water, if I recall.

Shawn said...

Kudos to a much-needed scolding, Jason. Now if we can just get Dave Matthews fans to get a grip on reality...