Thursday, April 20, 2006

The many faces of Kenny Rogers.

This past offseason, the Tigers got a pitcher by the name of Kenny Rogers (stats here). He's been a mostly-solid pitcher since the early '90s, spending most of his time in three different stints for the Texas Rangers. However, every time I saw an action photo of him doing his thing, something always struck me as peculiar:

When he throws the ball, he always has a ridiculous look on his face.

Mind you, if I was chucking a baseball at 90 miles an hour, chances are I'd be putting my all into it and wouldn't care about how my face looked, either. (I'd probably fall to the ground screaming in agony as my arm separated clean from my body, but that's an altogether different issue.) Nevertheless, "The Gambler's" mug always wears a goofy expression... so I decided to put a little Greatest Hits collage together. Enjoy.

(Click on the photo for a larger version.)

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Muffin said...

This reminds me of the Jack Bauer wallpaper I put on the computers at Golden Words.