Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Erudite, urbane, and worldly.

I have a shelf full of books by classic authors.

My Mozart collection numbers in the dozens of albums.

I attend public lectures by leading scholars on matters ranging from Mongolian banking practices to the rise and fall of the Byzantine empire.

But nothing, repeat nothing, gets me to laugh as hard as old episodes of Jackass. Tonight was the one where the three people had a milk-drinking contest, to see who could drink a gallon (approx. 4 L) of it the fastest. I was amazed at how much, and how frequently, the participants (including a woman who I'd never seen before, and who turned out the eventual winner) vomited.

God bless you, Johnny Knoxville.

* My books are all for colouring, my CD collection is dominated by Whitesnake and Stryper, and an older boy told me about Mongolia and Bizant Byzint Bizort Turkey.

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