Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The tangled web of CBC journalist-anchors.

Here's just a part of the whole sordid tale:

Lloyd Robertson anchored The National from 1970 to 1976, when he left to join CTV (where he's been ever since), because at the time they had a policy banning anchors from writing their own material.

His replacement, Peter Kent — whose younger brother is Arthur Kent (look up the phrase "Scud Stud") — left the CBC after two years because of the same policy. PKent went off to NBC for a while (joining AKent), but eventually found his way back to anchor the Global national newscast before running off in 2001, and trying unsuccessfully to win the St. Paul's federal riding as a Conservative this past January. (I'm not sure what he's doing now.)

PKent's replacement, Knowlton Nash, is the grand old guy I remember doing The National when I was growing up. His understudy, Peter Mansbridge — once blessed with an enviable jet-black mane — was being wooed by CBS; Nash altruistically stepped aside in '88 to let "the new guy" have at the anchor desk, where he's been ever since.

Here's where things get interesting. (Moreso.)

Not long after Mansbridge assumed the anchorship, (a.) most of his hair fell out, and (b.) he married Wendy Mesley (who is far too hot to be 49; the short hair is a result of recent chemotherapy for breast cancer, FYI... I think she looks great with the close-cropped coif). Mesley later went on to do the weekend national newscast; she also created the always-interesting Undercurrents, which examined mass media and marketing.

The Mansbridge-Mesley marriage fell apart after three years, though, and in the late '90s he married former Street Legal star Cynthia Dale (whose sister Jennifer is a TV/film actress as well); they have a son, named Will. Mesley later went on to marry someone mysteriously unconnected in any way with Canadian television, and they had a daughter, whose name may or may not be Wendy Junior.

...which made me giggle tonight as I watched The National, with Peter in Jerusalem and Wendy in Toronto, doing a little back-and-forth-between-locales routine.

As you can tell, the revisions process on my thesis is going awesomely awesome.

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