Monday, March 13, 2006

A song obsession, literature reviews, and crepes.

The Foundations were a Motown-ish group in the '60s, whose most famous song is "Build Me Up Buttercup," which you may remember from the very excellent There's Something About Mary. Giant bass, very complementary horns, and a vocal performance which attempts to channel Wilson Pickett. I've had it in my head all day, and just now was able to get it out through listening to the song. I recommend you do the same, preferably at a very elevated volume.

I'm currently in the thick of writing the "literature review" portion of my thesis. Basically, it's fifteen solid pages of name-dropping wankery which tells people things they already know, but you have to let them know you know, or else you won't know they know what you know, y'know? At any rate, all this bullshitting-about is stupid, because your opinion — yes, you, you stupid, immature graduate student who doesn't know shit about shit — means nothing, and in order for you to say anything, you have to use someone else's words instead of your own. Don't worry, I said a big "fuck you" to academia and included some of my own observations to link the train of thought between authors. Take that.

On the weekend, I made crepes for the first time, which were awesome and surprisingly easy. (Here's the simple recipe for basic crepes I used.) Put a little butter and syrup on them, or jam if you like, or Nutella, and you're off to the races. I'll give you a tip, though: whole wheat flour tends to clump up a little. So, if you have all-purpose around, you'd probably be better off using that, unless you want to mix the batter until such time as your arm falls off. (I stopped a bit short of that, don't worry.)

If you go here, and go to "Hobo Names," you can get an mp3 of John Hodgman reading out 700 hobo names with acoustic guitar accompaniment. It takes 53 minutes and 49 seconds. And if you listen to all of them, I will buy you a beer and shake your hand. Some highlights:
  • #57: Orphaned Rinaldo, the Child with Haunting Eyes
  • #147: Jethro the Pagan
  • #264: Weekend-Circular Debra
  • #336: Robert Louis Stevenson, the Pirate
  • #497: Mr. Torso, the Legless Wonder
  • #612: Chuck McKindred, Not So Holy But Very Moly
I wish I was making these up. But someone already did.

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